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Whale watching Ocean Addict Shark Excursions Image by Gabriel Dizzi

Whale Watching

Experience a breathtaking 2-hour whale watching cruise along the scenic North Shore of Oahu. Available every year between November and April.

Join us for an exciting and informative 2-hour eco-cruise along the scenic North Shore during Humpback Whale season. Humpback Whales are not the only creatures you might spot on our whale watching tour.
In addition to a host of seabirds such as the Ewa bird, the Blue Footed Boobie, and the giant Albatross, strong have been spotted in the North Shore area. If you’re very lucky, you may even catch sight of a Hawaiian Monk Seal, the most endangered seal species on the planet.

Bring your camera and you may get the shot of your life!

The waters off Oahu teem with life as humpback whales make their annual migration to the warm Hawaiian seas. Join an eco-friendly whale watching cruise and marvel as these gentle giants breach the surface, spouting plumes of mist into the air. Listen for their haunting songs reverberating across the ocean waves.


Scan the water as a mother whale tenderly nudges her newborn calf, teaching it to dive and swim. Delight as playful calves leap and splash, tails waving. Witness the profound bond between parent and child, and the wonder of these massive, intelligent creatures returning year after year. As the boat glides through crystalline waters, reflect on your small place in this vast, beautiful world we share with whales and all beings.

2 Hours

Exclusive Private Tour

$120 Per Person

$600 Entire Boat

(Up to 6 People)

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